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canada goose black friday No way Kerry. As you said, many things cost $700, but my coat will never be one of them. I can stay warm for a lot less and I have. $200 is my limit for regular wear. Now if I were going on a serious expedition to the Arctic, or was spending any significant time in the bush during winter, then perhaps I would go to $700. Being a Canadian company doesn’t mean you get to gouge.

canada goose clearance If a Canadian company tells me I should ignore my wallet for the sake of Canadian pride, I would tell them their top management and executives should live modestly with the knowledge and pride that they are creating a quality Canadian product. It goes both ways.

canada goose coat Too often marketers prey on our sense of personal pride or patriotism in order to get us to spend ourselves into debt, and that has to stop. I just paid $470 for $+800 in snowboarding equipment, and I’m sure it cost them $100 to make.

canada goose coat mens I grew up in Maine and now live and NYC and we have had some really cold winters as of late and last year I just got sick of being brutalized by the cold waiting for the train for walking around town.

canada goose coat sale Canada Goose like Hummer or even Abercrombie and Fitch started for enthusiasts that needed gear that would handle some of the most terrible conditions, but have transitioned into a lifestyle brand. So while Canada Goose jackets are overkill being rated at -15 F these aren’t the original Canada Goose jackets that were exploring Antarctica but rather warn on celebrities like Brooklyn Decker. You thought an H2 Hummer was crazy that is just consumer grade, the Military original was the real deal in comparison. Abercrombie was first an elite sporting good and excursion gear manufacture, but now sells skin tight ripped clothes to pre-teens.

canada goose factory sale Price wise $700+ is A LOT for any kind of jacket. Even some of my best suits never cost this much. But in comparison to Moncler, Canada Goose is somewhat of a bargain since Moncler starts at $1000 easily and are sometimes thousands of dollars. Also it may be worth noting every year Canada Goose has raised their prices. I own a Langford men’s parka and when it first debuted it was $500 and now in 2015 it is $825. A course you can get a really great LL Bean, Patagonia, or North Face jacket and it will cost maybe a third of a Canda Goose but at $700+ you are buying a Canadian made piece with quality down and real fur, plus you get a lifetime warranty, only LL Bean has this. The real selling point for many is the cache and it factor of owning a Canada Goose. For you, car people would you rather have a Chevy Tahoe or a Cadillac Escalade? Like a Cadillac, a Canada Goose is a top of the line piece that has all the bells and whistles but its price is mainly derived from the brand image and fashion appeal.

canada goose freestyle vest Honestly, I love my jacket even though I have yet to wear it since it has been one of the warmest winters so far ever in NY, but I would say I mostly bought it out of appeal like someone would buy a Hermes bag or Rolex. Yes there are cheaper and even better coats, but the name is what defines it

canada goose jacket clearance CG coats are as beautiful as Channel bags. Fashion is like art. The function is important but outstanding of all in terms of brand, luxuriousness, recognition, etc., is equally as important. We should have more art kind of Canadian fashion brand like CG. Canadian fashion industry has to be developed like that of Paris and Italy. CG should increase their price. All CG coats should be over 1 or 2 thousand dollars like those of Berberry or Maxmarra.

canada goose jacket mens Not worth it my opinion, I live in Quebec and we have one of the strongest winters in all Canada and I’d get really tired of the same winter jacket wearing it for 6 months each year. I’d rather spend money on Point Zero, also Canadian, Pajar, also Canadian as well Columbia Jacket that will cost me a fraction of the price, actually about 1/4 of what I’d pay for a Canada goose jacket. I need different jackets to go thru the winter. So far, those brands have made the job during Quebec’s winter. I personally believe it is totally overrated! just my 2 cents here!

canada goose jacket mens sale Now that I have had many parkas due to the experiences on the Dewline, military, trapping, snowmobiling, and living for 80 years in Sk,Mb,and Arctic I found two parkas that I loved, the Hudson Bay with wolverine fur that does not frost up but eventually wore out, and the Snow Goose with Gortex lining which I`ve had for over 30 years! It fits like a glove and I wish I could afford a new one as the old one has discolored from the UV rays…

canada goose jacket womens It’s incredible how so many people have ripped into CG. You would they were selling crap. I think they were expensive before Kate Upton. For someone who moved from a 110-degree summer climate to a close to the northeast Canadian border region; I almost died last winter. There are certainly other choices to be sure. I care about ducks, etc like anyone else but human rights and suffering preoccupy my mind. If it keeps me warm, I’m willing to buy it and don’t feel like researching anymore, let it be. Stop bashing people for how they spend their money. You don’t know them, don’t judge them. Advice is always welcome; it’s all about how you give it.

canada goose jackets on sale There are a few things to consider here;
Firstly, the coat is Canadian made. Not only does that sustain a Canadian business, and subsequently, all of their suppliers but also remember they are paying Canadian wages to have this coat manufactured.
canada goose mens I live in Ontario, in the country. I was once of the opinion that North Face down, and Canada Goose were on the same playing field. After 3 winters of -50 days with wind chill, I can tell you that my 900 down fill North Face coat got swapped off pretty damn quickly with my 700 down fill ankle length North Face coat in a feeble attempt to not freeze to death on the way from my car to meetings. That was also an exercise in futility as within moments I was back to freezing my ass off. I now own two Canada Goose Coats – a Mystique, and a Kensington and they are most definitely warmer. It is without a doubt that you can purchase North Face coats that are on par with Canada Goose such as those that are reserved for actual technical expeditions however those are not going to be $200.00 coats either. You’re going to be shelling out approximately the same amount of money, for a coat that has been made overseas, the function vs fashion element may be more on the side of functionality than something you also really quite like, and aside you are more than likely not support any aspect of a Canadian business (assuming you’re purchasing in Canada.)

I have liked many comments here.

Especially, Scalies.

CG is for extreme cold. You wear it -30 -40 C and do not need serious layers.

For that weather, you will need it. But remember, that is a Jacket for Canada, Sweeden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, forget about UK, France, NY.

Second, if you work in an office these jackets are great because that will be what you will need under your work suit to get there. You do not need to be removing 2 additional layers after you get to the office to avoid getting toasty.

Do not mess with winter!

Wear what makes you warm.

canada goose mens bomber Quality is also expensive. In 2000, when North Face was a serious company I bought a gore-tex ski parka. It still looks new and it works for what is intended, stopping the wind, element protection while being breathable!

Now, after 15 years is not a cool jacket anymore, it is far from being fashionable.

So, it could happen the same to your fashionable expectation.

You can’t go wrong with that parka cold wise from all the comments I read. If you can afford it go ahead.

canada goose mens jacket Had them all (North Face Arctic parka, North Face Metropolis parka, North Face Nuptse jacket, Hard Wear parkas, Patagonia parkas as well). This Canada Goose Kensington Parka is by FAR and away the best parka I’ve ever owned. PERIOD. I don’t care who thinks it’s a status symbol, those critics aren’t going to keep me warm as this parka does in the brutal winters here. This, on the other hand, does —and does well. Best winter gear purchase I ever made. Heck yeah!

[1] Too long: At 36″ length, it turns out that make the zipper about 3 inches too long to easily reach down to connect the zipper and start zipping up– instead you have to bunch the jacket up to grab both sides of the zipper to get it going, then because it’s bunched up, you can’t just easily zip it up, you have to zip it up in stages as you smooth and straighten the coat back out again and align the two edges. The coat I’m replacing is like this and I never realized that it was really all about the few inches of length, but since it bugged me the last few years with the old coat, I don’t want to switch to another one that requires the same thing — I’m switching to the Dawson Canada Goose which is 33″. The coat will still keep me warm and that 3 inches less coverage will not make that much difference except for making the zipping process much simpler.
[2] Red is not my type of red. I wear a cool or pure cherry red – not a tomato red. Red is my favorite color, but tomato red grates on my nerves. Red that leans towards cooler, maroon, orange, brick, washed out Nantucket red – all of those things grate on my nerve. I only like pure red. In the picture on my monitors the coat appears bright cherry red, but in person, it’s leaning towards tomato.
[3] The pockets where you ostensibly warm your hands are in a bizarrely high location, I am literally putting my hands on my breasts when I put them in the pockets. The lower pockets, sort of ‘utility pockets’ with flaps – are equally awkward to put your hands in, given they are not really meant for that, with top opening and front positioning. Again, the Dawson coat is better designed in that it has pockets down lower where your hands naturally go into the pockets.
canada goose mens sale Per the Canada Goose website, this coat is a Level 4 warmth. I went for a 3-mile stroll in short sleeves in 15-degree weather with this coat, no scarf or gloves or any other extra layer, and I was sweating by the end. I could probably sleep in a snow drift in this coat. I’m sending it back and getting the Dawson anyway (for reasons outlined above) which is a level 5. The extra feature on the Dawson is a fleece layer where the neck closes – and while I haven’t received it yet, I predict I will like that better than this Trillium – which has no lining where the neck closes, and in fact while the rest of me was sweating, my exposed chin was an ice cube.

canada goose outlet Canada Goose is as great as promised! Walking through the bitter cold in Montreal, everywhere my parka is covering is much warmer than the rest of me. The only thing I would comment on is that the Navy is darker than I expected, showing more like a muted black. Had I known this I would have gotten the black (cheaper) instead of insisting on the Navy. However, the color and coat looks great, fits well, and most importantly, keeps me warm!

Love this coat -worth every dollar! You will not regret purchasing this winter survival tool. It is very qualitative – noticeably so in comparison to other popular winter coat brands. Once you have it, you will never be able to settle for anything less -and probably won’t have to because it’s made to last a long time -or you moved to a warm climate! PS I live in northern MN.

canada goose outlet chicago This coat is the best coat I have ever owned! I live in the Northeast and I have worn the coat in -10 F weather while walking my dog for over an hour. During a walk that I would normally dread, I was toasty warm. The coat is well made and looks great! I also have the Kensington, this coat is definitely larger in the chest portion and more fitted at the hips, but I like this because I can layer. You will not regret this purchase!

The coat looks really nice, has nice details, and is very, very warm, despite a slightly awkward fit.

First the good:
why is canada goose so expensive This is by far the warmest winter coat I’ve ever owned. It’s also pretty thin for how warm it is. I live in Beijing, and it’s usually between -10 and 0 Celsius with strong winds, and I’m warm. I’ve never had a coat that blocked the wind as well or was as snow/rainproof (it bounces off!). I’m 5’4″, and for me the size XS coat is the perfect length, falling at mid-thigh so your backside is totally covered for warmth but it’s not long and cumbersome. The drawstrings on the waist are great and give a puffy parka a surprisingly sleek, feminine cut. I like the lining/inserts on the cuffs with the knitted material. They are really long and stretchy so you never, ever have gaps between your coat and gloves. Also, I don’t agree with the other reviewer about the hood issue: the hood has a strap for adjusting in the back, so you can make it as large or small as you want (maybe she didn’t notice this?) Lastly, the fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets seem awkwardly placed at first, but they free up the lower pockets for other things and keep your arms tucked up next to you for extra warmth.

Now the bad:
canada goose outlet nyc I think the fur ruff, although very luxurious, is over-the-top and not very functional. Also, the top and bottom of the coat seem to be slightly disproportionate. I have wide hips and a relatively large bust for my height/frame (I normally wear size 2-4 clothes), and the coat fits VERY snugly around my hips but is super loose around my chest and especially my arms, which is weird. I can easily fit my thickest winter sweaters underneath. Finally, the zipper is indeed a bit flimsy and sometimes catches the fabric while zipping up.

canada goose outlet sale The Pros: This is the warmest coat I’ve ever owned. I’ve been looking for a very warm winter coat, as I live in a northern climate and the winters can be brutally cold. Also, I tend to be someone who is ‘always cold’. This coat is perfect for warmth! I can honestly say that I have not been the cold one bit this winter. I can even wear just a simple long sleeved shirt underneath. No need to bulk up. It’s so incredibly nice to get into my car in the winter, and not be shivering and stressed with the cold!

list of fake canada goose sites I absolutely adore the hood! The fur is luxurious and beautiful. It’s seriously one of the most beautiful parts of the coat. When I’m standing outside getting gas, I keep my hood up and the fur completely blocks the wind – my face is not cold. Some have said the hood is too big, but it is completely adjustable, so you can have it whatever size you want. I like it larger because it blocks more wind that way.

canada goose outlet store Another benefit is the coat is not unflattering. Parkas are often so bulky and round you feel like a marshmallow. Not so with the Trillium. It goes in at the waist, and you can adjust the cords inside to make it go in even further if you like. I think this coat is extremely flattering, especially for a parka.

fake canada goose websites The Cons: The biggest con with this coat is the rough, sharp collar, up by your chin. It is not lined with fleece or anything, so you’re getting the nylon material on your face. I knew about this from the other reviews but thought I wouldn’t care at all about it. As it turns out, it does bother me some. Every time you zip the coat up all the way, you feel it. It’s very thick, and that would be good IF there was some lining or fleece, but as it is, the collar is pretty uncomfortable. I just keep it zipped down far enough that it doesn’t bother me as much. It was a trade-off for the warmth of this coat.

cheap canada goose womens The other main con is the fit of the coat. I’m not overweight, but I do have hips, and it is very tight on the hips. I would normally wear a Medium, but had to go up to a Large to accommodate my hips, and even so it is still a bit snug there. I also tried on the Kensington, and that was even tighter on the hips, so I went with the Trillium and lived with it. In the car, you can unzip the coat from the bottom up, so I do that and it’s fine.

A few small other cons: the inner straps are sewn inside (to be able to carry the coat on your back) sometimes get in the way when you’re putting the coat on. It’s not a big deal, but you have to make sure you’re not snagging those straps every time you put the coat on. It’s a weird feature – who puts the coat on your back like a backpack, ever? Also, the wrists are a bit tight. I know they make that inner cuff snug to keep the cold out and keep air from getting up the sleeve, but it’s very snug. My wrists are small, so I know it isn’t my wrist size.

canada goose parka mens All in all a wonderful coat. I’m keeping it because I can’t find anything warmer, and I can live with the cons.

canada goose womens sale After a few years of freezing my tail off up here in the northeast, I finally broke down and bought an insanely expensive winter coat. I tried a lot of brands, but decided why not go the full throttle and get a Canada goose! So I did.

Here’s what I like:
-This coat is GOING TO KEEP YOU WARM. There’s no way you could say this coat isn’t warm enough for the northeast. It is fantastic and has withstood the recent sub-0 wind chills fabulously.
-This coat feels more substantial than the Kensington. Just my observation… I tried on both and liked the trillium a lot more.
-I don’t mind the top pockets. They’re a little awkward, but there’s also pockets at the front.
-The straps inside the coat let you hold it easily if you’re commuting. Subways are sometimes really hot…it’s nice to be able to wear your coat with the straps.

canada goose store Here’s what I wish they’d done better:
canada goose vest sale -The zipper is sometimes hard to get on. I’ve read about the ‘click it in place’ technique and I sometimes still can’t get it without a few tries.
-The top part of the zipped area rubs and feels tough. If you zip it the full way, it’s hard to drive because of this top area. Maybe it’s too big for my shorter torso, but it’s a flaw for my frame.
canada goose vest womens -The hood. It’s warm, but it’s also gigantic and really hard seal your head tightly.

All that said, I’m still completely happy with this coat because it keeps me soooooo much warmer than anything I’ve owned before now. It’s a coat for life.

canada goose parka sale 1st I must say that I received My coat Well ahead of schedule & from the moment I pulled the CG Trillium from the box, I knew it was Extremely Warm by the weight alone, I Love it & I already plan to buy The Montebello as well, I’m very impressed, I Love cold Winters, but I want 2 stay warm while enjoying’ng the cold…& CG coats definitely fit the bill…

canada goose vest camo P.S. 4 Any Naysayer that says That their Canada Goose coat purchased from, needs 2 do their homework on Authentic Canada Goose Coats B4 trying to slander, My Canada Goose Trillium coat is 100% Authentic….& I will definitely recommend to My friends

canada goose parka womens The zipper is very difficult to zipper. (And I don’t tend to have trouble with zippers.) By the time I get it zippered up, I am overheated! (It takes about 5 minutes.) Also, once zippered, if any stress is placed on it, it splits a little at the base. I am worried the zipper won’t last long, so I try to just keep it zippered and step in and out of the coat! This is unacceptable, in my opinion, for such an expensive coat. On the plus side, so far it has proved to be the warmest coat I’ve owned, but thus far I have only worn it in 20-degree weather, so a true test has not yet been made.

canada goose vest mens sale I rate this product 5 stars because it met and exceeded my expectations. First of all, it works for what it was designed – to keep the owner warm. And in addition, this parka proved to be suitable for a variety of weather conditions from calm sunny winter days to snow storms and chill winds. It’s equally good for just walking or skiing.

canada goose sale It allows controlling the air circulation thus maintaining heat balance depending on current needs. The hood can be adjusted to control how deep and tight it sits over and around the face. It’s light and does not restrict moves. Materials and fabrics are resistant to dirt and stains. Assembly is of high quality. Else, it provides the good look and can fit both younger and elder generation styles.

canada goose sale mens When selecting the size we were not exactly in the middle of the range. We were mostly in “S” and a little bit in “M”, but we decided “M” and it was right. We recommend same for others who are in doubt. The larger size does not affect appearance but ensures that sleeves are long enough and maintain arms covering at all times, even when hands are up.

canada goose sale womens I have never paid this much for a coat in my life, but I am not moving to a warmer climate anytime soon and last winter’s artic temps motivated me to buy this coat. I love it. The coat is fitted so I ended up returning my Small for a Medium. The zipper is a bit of a pain to line up, but honestly, that is the only negative thing I can say about this coat. It is gorgeous, impeccably made, and just incomparably warm. I hardly wear it in the car because I get too warm. If you are tired of bring cold, buy this coat. I hope to enjoy it for many years to justify the price.